Global Pumps

Global Pumps

Company Overview

Founded in 1997 by Rod Mersino, Global Pump Company has built a reputation for its reliable services and international distribution. Global Pump produces superior pumps that can be employed on a wide array of projects including emergency flood control, construction, dewatering, industrial applications, and more. With products manufactured to meet the needs of reliability, strength, and efficiency, you can count on Global Pumps to deliver the equipment required for the completion of your project.


Product Efficiency

Global Pump commits to more flow, less fuel

Global Pump models are designed with a state-of-the-art enclosed impeller that ensures both high efficiencies (fuel savings) and long component life due to lower wear rates. These factors combine to provide you with savings that allow our pumps to pay for themselves fairly quickly, as opposed to comparable competitor pumps

Global Pump Product Efficiency Cutsheet