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Volvo Penta

Company Overview

With over 100 years of experience providing energy solutions to oceanic and industrial projects, our partner Volvo Penta is an unwavering bridge connecting man and the elements together. Covering land, sea, and unimaginable expanses of ocean, Volvo Penta meets you where you are; wherever that happens to be. And provides you with the power-oriented solutions required to move you, your business, and your people in whatever direction or capacity you need.

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The Volvo Penta Advantage

Why choosing Volvo Penta is the right choice

Construction, agriculture, forestry, mining, and more. Volvo Penta offers performance versatility in its off-road, on land operations. With more than 100 years of refining and investing in machinery, strengthening off-road solutions, and perfecting performance, we’re ready to take you to a new world of possibilities. And with the reliability, power, and fuel efficiency to get the job done both safely and on time, you’re looking at a powerhouse that has what it takes to go the distance – in every regard.

Whether you need a motor yacht, a harvester, a Volvo Penta TAD1353VE engine or anything in between, we can meet your tough applications with robust and powerful equipment. The Volvo Advantage is that your job gets done safely, efficiently, and on time.