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ICD Group Ltd. is proud to partner with world leading dredge manufacturers.

These partnerships bring together the on-site skills of ICD Group Ltd. and unrivalled dredging expertise.

We are Western Canada’s one stop shop for tailing management needs. Together we can offer dredge manufacturing, sales, rentals, maintenance, operations, training, and consulting. A complete turn key solution; ICD has the solution to any of your dredging needs.

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What Are Our Main Dredging Services?

  • Dredge Manufacturing
  • Sales
  • Rentals
  • Maintenance
  • Operations
  • Training
  • Consulting
Dredger at Port
Yellow Dredger

About our Dredging Services

ICD boasts a qualified team of technicians with over 30 years of dredging experience. With this storehouse of expertise, we are armed with the knowledge and equipment to meet the demands of your job. We specialize in designing and manufacturing custom dredge applications for your site. We offer a full line of Slurry Pumps and custom Slurry Pump designs to compliment our dredgers. We also have application experts and trained operating/maintenance personnel who can get the job done right.


What Is Dredging?

Dredging is the process of removing silt, debris, and other sediments from the bottom of streams, lakes, rivers, and other various bodies of water. The number one goal of dredging is to increase the water’s depth because the accumulation of silt makes it a challenging endeavour for vessels to sail through. A dredge is a large piece of machinery used to sweep or guzzle silt from river bottoms.

How Does Dredging Work?

A hydraulic dredge operates by guzzling a blend of dredged material (gravel, silt, sand, etc) and water from the bottom of the channel. The water quantity syphoned along with the dredged material is monitored and controlled to ensure the ideal blend. Not enough water and the dredge will become impeded; too much water and the dredge efficiency will be compromised.

The dredger operator lowers the boom to the bottom of the water. A rotating-cutting bar possessing serrated teeth is then used to unfasten the compact flooring material. As this takes place, a submersible pump removes the deposits from the waterway.

Ice Dredger
Blue Dredger
Dregding process