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Royal IHC

Company Overview

ICD Group has partnered with Royal IHC because of their commitment to sustainable performance, continuous innovation, and functional efficiency. As a primary supplier of maritime machinery; offering professional dredging, mining, offshore energy services and more, Royal IHC has kept up to date with the latest cutting-edge technology since its inception in 1642. Its fleet of vessels, machinery, and equipment delivers dependable solutions to enhance functionality without sacrificing sustainability.

Products & Services

Royal IHC Dependable Solutions

From standard dredging vessels to custom-built dredging vessels, Royal IHC designs and builds ships for every dredging need. Royal IHC is a market leader, enabling customers to outperform in their industries with trailing suction hopper dredgers, cutter suction dredgers and other dredging vessels. The available broad spectrum of products is ideal for the completion of all types of dredging projects.

IHC’s dredge equipment is used to build, modify and upgrade hydraulic dredgers. It provides a range of benefits for customers globally, including higher productivity, reduced operating costs, optimum efficiency and minimal downtime. As a result, it has also contributed to the profitability of various international dredging projects.

The productivity of trailing suction hopper dredgers is influenced greatly by the effectiveness of the hopper equipment. It contains excavation, loading and discharge systems for TSHDs. The draghead, suction pipe, swell compensators, service frames, gantries, degassing systems and overflows are the primary equipment that ensures the efficient excavation and loading on board a TSHD. 

The suction pipe and draghead can be positioned correctly to effectively perform the intended dredging operation and transport soil to the hopper. There are several types of discharge systems for quick and efficient soil discharge. Products include bow couplings and bottom doors. 

IHC’s cutter technology is driven by fundamental knowledge of excavation, slurry creation and wear resistance. The first point of physical contact between the soil and the ship is the dredging wheel or cutter head, which are key components for high-density slurry creation. The productivity of a cutter suction dredger is influenced greatly by the effectiveness of these components.

Trailing suction hopper dredgers (TSHDs) are designed to work in extreme conditions, at challenging depths and to handle various types of soil, such as sand, gravel and silt. IHC Easydredge® and IHC Beagle® are product lines of standardized TSHDs that benefit from IHC’s vast experience and extensive track record. The IHC Easydredge® ranges in hopper volume from 500 to 4,000m³. The IHC Beagle® ranges in hopper volume from 4,000 to 12,000m³. Find out more about our TSHDs.

IHC Offshore Energy is a top supplier of reliable and advanced vessels, equipment and services for numerous offshore industries, with a proven track record in delivering a wide range of offshore systems, including pipe and cable lay equipment, subsea vehicles, FPSO equipment and a wide range of integrated vessels.

This advanced industry experience and knowledge offers high-tech and flexible solutions lead the way towards more efficient and sustainable offshore operations.

Services are tailored to the exploration and mining of specific commodities. This expertise includes resource evaluation, lab test-work, feasibility studies, Mining method analysis and performance improvement.
Providing independent metallurgical services with a physical characterisation lab and bulk processing capability.


In short, we provide the true solution.

At IHC, we have the capacity to think beyond technology and, in close collaboration with all stake holders, create the optimal solution for our customers. Our challenge is to provide the most suitable proposition for our customers’ business case, in which: the requirement is defining, the operating philosophy is leading, safety is paramount, technology is the means, efficiency and durability are embedded, and support is guaranteed.

Pushing the boundaries

Equipment and vessels in the dredging, mining and offshore markets are predominantly acquired as strategic assets for a specific segment of the market, based on a customer’s long-term vision. More often than not, they have extremely complex one-off designs. This means the mission equipment can be fully integrated into the vessel, which enables us to push back the industry’s technical frontiers.


Our task is to add value throughout the total process – from initial contact with customers to operational support of the product. Whether it be the provision of a creative solution for project financing, an exploitation calculation, an innovative product design or a service support agreement, IHC incorporates these in the most advantageous proposition to create a sound business model.