Company Overview

ICD Ltd. is proudly partnered with Enecon, an international leader in modern polymer technology for more than 30 years. Enecon has led the way in coating methods and systems in many industries such as electrical utilities, the U.S. Navy, and the petrochemical profession. Enecon’s exceptional polymer methods are born out of their years of study and experimentation. The company has stood the test of time due to its ingenuity.

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The Enecon Difference

Superior services, customer satisfaction

As the world’s leading authority in erosion and corrosion repair and maintenance technology, Enecon provides unparalleled products for all equipment and machinery prone to abrasion. Durability, strength, and remarkable flexibility are but a few of the properties associated with their abrasion resistant and shock absorbent applications. Enecon’s dedication to excellence is evident in its superior products and impeccable reputation.

With clients in dozens of countries around the globe, Enecon offers repair and maintenance solutions for numerous industries. Each sector is served and satisfied; further solidifying Enecon’s authority and dependability.