Summit Fleet

Summit Fleet

Company Overview

Canadian-owned and operated since 1975, Summit Fleet is a Platinum Winner of Canada’s best managed companies. And over the years, we have continued to grow; this is evident in our over 1000 employees with Kaizen Automotive Group.

With Summit Fleet, you’re provided with the total package: leasing, rentals, and fleet services. And with client retention at 86%, we’re confident our services will exceed your needs and expectations.

Between 2014 and 2019, we experienced a 79% growth rate; expanding as far north as Fort McMurray, Alberta and as far south as Midland, Texas. And with offices all over North America, that growth continues to this day.

Forward-thinking in our approach, accountable for our actions, and customer-focused with our business; we operate with integrity to earn your trust. Moreover, we are aligned with authenticity and directed toward the highest-quality service – all while meeting your unique business needs.

This is fleet solutions done right.

Products & Services

Summit Fleet

Our Differentiators

Ability to interchangeably provide any fleet requirement model that is most suitable to your operation and business goals. We directly partner not only with top manufacturers, but also with national dealerships to offer the most effective Fleet Management services.

  • Flexibility: Our flexible fleet combinations allow us to provide solutions that cover all aspects of your fleet – from fuel and maintenance, licensing and accident management, to leasing and rentals, in one company.
  • Seamless Transitioning: Our advantage includes seamless transitioning between different fleet models that adjust to your changing, demanding, growing organization.
  • Maximize Value : Through our expertise, we assess your fleets needs to recommend optimal applications to maximize value while minimizing the costs of maintaining your fleet. We will not let anything stand in the way of a good solution that improves your operation.