Summit Fleet Leasing


Summit Fleet

Regardless if you’re trying to lease for personal/executive reasons or need several vehicles for your small enterprise or large organization. ICD’s collaborative partnership with Summt Fleet offers private leasing especially customized for your distinct budget, goals, and needs.

We Lease Any Trim Or Model, New Or Pre-Owned, For Any Fleet Size.

Usually, vehicles are leased for 3 or 4 years, allowing you to retain a first-rate image in addition to keeping the most up-to-the-minute technological advances to satisfy the demands of your business.

  • Lowered Expenses: Usually, lease payments are more cost-effective relative to financing. Moreover, the latest trims need minor upkeep servicing compared to more seasoned models, and repairs are typically covered by the warranty.

  • Reduction on Repairs and Upkeep: As mileage increases over time due to usage, a vehicle will undergo more downtime because of repairs and upkeep. Renting for a 3 to 4 year timeframe permits you to use vehicles that will typically perform better.

  • Improve Budgetary Metrics: Organizations that lease their vehicles can typically keep them off balance sheet and take advantage of a tax deduction on lease payments. This enhances the debt to equity balance, boosts cash flow, loosens operating lines, and permits the firm to reach a bigger return on invested funds.

  • Private and Small Fleet Renting: We offer a single-vehicle lease arrangement that supplies you with an independent system for every vehicle you rent. Especially created for private rentals and small-business owners such as yourself who desire an easy-to-understand retail policy in their leasing demands.

  • Commercial Leasing: From vehicle specifics and befitting depreciation costs to affordable replacement plans and schedules, we’ll lead you through the leasing and management procedure. Our aim is to supply the knowledge and experience your fleet needs so you can remain focused on your company.