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Through our partnership with Big Shax, ICD Ltd. provides pipe and pump enclosures. An insulated modular panel structure custom-built to fit and safeguard your pumping system – regardless of size. Big Shax produces more efficient work conditions on critical pipeline equipment, pipeline valves, and other sizable equipment that functions in the bitter winters of Canada.

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What Are Our Pipe & Pump Enclosures?

  • What Are Our Pipe and Pump Enclosures?
  • Modular Insulated Panel System
  • Drastically Reduces Environmental Impact In The Oil & Gas Industry
  • Protection From Sub-Zero Winter Conditions
  • Creates An Easy-To-Use Shelter
  • Produces More Efficient Work Conditions
Enclosure cabin
Big Shax enclosure during winter

About our Pipe & Pump Enclosures

This First Nations, Canadian-made solution reduces the environmental impact of current hoarding methods used in the oil & gas industry. Moreover, our partnership with Big Shax creates a safe and efficient workspace on pipeline valves, dewatering pumps, and is customized to fit any sized pumping system. The insulated wall panels result in a protective shelter that safeguards the worksite.


What Is An Enclosure?

A Big Shax enclosure is a steel compound. Constructed for protection purposes against the cold and harsh Canadian winters, it also safeguards equipment, valves, pumping systems, etc. In addition, our pipe and pump enclosures also provide a better work environment conducive to improved efficiency and enhanced productivity.

How Does It Work?

Big Shax insulated modular systems create each wall to be 4ft wide by 8ft tall by 6 inches thick. This produces an R-value of R20 in each panel manufactured by Big Shax. Every panel is then layered with steel sheeting 4ft by 8ft on both sides. Outfitted with a precise tongue and groove design, each panel connects to another alongside its edges. This is further complemented with durable steel capping on the top, bottom, and sides of each panel. The panels are then safely locked together with 6 through bolt locations.

This is followed by Toggle latch systems that are used to fasten and lock each panel together a second time. Every Big Shax panel is provided with two-pin sleeves that secure two levelling feet at the bottom for additional stability. Each panel can then be connected to the next via its extensive through-bolt system until a full enclosure is constructed over your work area.