Our Partners

Strength through partnerships

In an effort to provide unprecedented services to Western Canada, ICD Group has partnered with several world class and experienced businesses in the fields of dewatering, pump sales and rentals, dredging, tailings services, maintenance and fleet management, vehicle rentals, skimming and oil recovery, fusing, one pass trenching, coatings and industrial enclosures. To find out more about each partnership, their capabilities, and how as a team we can help meet your business needs, read more below!

Global Pump

Our partnership with global pump enables us to offer a wide range of operationally efficient pumps. ICD group is a global pump authorized dealer and western Canada distributor, capable of providing complete mechanical, wet end service, and warranty work. our partner, global pump is an industry-leading manufacturer of pumps and related equipment. global pump offers a full line of engine driven auto prime centrifugal, electric submersible, and hydraulic submersible pumps.

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Volvo Penta

Our partnership with Volvo Penta marine commercial dealer network is constantly being developed with ICD Group to meet a variety of your business needs and secure the local expertise necessary to keep marine businesses working in Northern Alberta. We are proud to be a part of this network and offer engines, parts, dealer support, diagnostic services, and local customer support with well-trained, certified technicians.

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Enecon can provide high performance polymer composites and applications know-how that can save you time, money and aggravation. With our collaboration with ENECON, we can provide industrial repair and maintenance solutions. We can provide you with commercially proven and cost effective repair solutions for your machinery, equipment and plant structures damaged by erosion, corrosion, cavitation, wear, impact, abrasion, chemicals, hydrostatic pressure and more.

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ICS Wear Group

ICS Wear Group’s partnership with ICD Ltd. is an asset to your jobsite. While working on a mining project, the confidence of knowing you have reliable and fail-safe equipment is paramount. As engineers and industrialists, the ICS Wear Group team has over 200 years of combined experience in the industry. This has provided them with the expertise to spot inoperable equipment, defective parts, and poor workmanship. ICS products offer precise and accurate castings, first-rate alloys, and a thorough quality check to ensure all elements are functional and ready for use.

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ICD is proud to have a company of Komatsu’s stature supporting our future development throughout Canada. This partnership will bring the services of the ICD Group to Komatsu’s already impressive portfolio. With Komatsu backing ICD the client can’t loose, World Class service and equipment combined with local home-grown Canadian family business values.

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Royal IHC

A main provider of maritime mechanization and technology, Royal IHC has been confidently leading its industry since 1642. And with a commitment to efficient and sustainable progress, IHC has become a beacon of trust for setting the proper example. In alliance with ICD, a distributorship contract was formed that governs the cooperative efforts of our partnership. This agreement gives interested companies full accessibility to all Royal IHC equipment and resources through ICD Group.

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Summit Fleet

The Summit Fleet team is here to bring a new experience to your rentals, sales, & leasing needs in Fort McMurray. We provide leasing and fleet management services across Canada and the continental USA. So, whether by supplying short-term rentals, long-term leasing, or full fleet management services, we build customized fleet programs tailored to meet the specific needs for your business. Our goal is to ensure you get the most cost effective and sufficient fleet services for your requirements.

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Big Shax

Inner City Diesel Ltd can provide an insulated modular panel system which can be tailor made to fit any size pumping system. This new and unique shelter option is offered via our partnership with Big Shax. Big Shax is an Indigenous, made-in-Canada solution that drastically reduces the environmental impact of current hoarding methods used in the oil & gas industry. Big Shax enables more efficient work on pipeline valves, critical pipeline equipment, dewatering pumps and anything of size that needs to operate in the unforgiving Canadian winter. The modular insulated panel system creates an easy-to-use shelter that makes operating pipeline valves, and other critical pipeline equipment sustainable in a cold weather snap.

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VIP Coating

ICD Group’s partnership with VIP Coating is one that will prove to be beneficial for your company’s property and equipment. VIP Coating provides industrial-grade protection to your assets – even in the most unfavourable of conditions. And with high end products such as Flamecoat™, Irradiant coat™, Visy-Glow™, Metacoat™, BFT-01 Industrial Coating™, and Temptell® occupying the product line, your coating needs will be met at any jobsite you’ve settled in. Impact and solvent resistant properties, along with UV stability and simple application make VIP Coating’s products an easy choice and well-advised choice.

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Our Mission

To be a business leader in Canada by hiring the best people, to treat people in the best way, to encourage the best training, to create the best team, in order to provide the best service.

Our Vision

To be leaders and innovators not afraid of doing the right thing based on a culture of teamwork and building strong partnerships.