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ICD Group Is Hiring
ICD Group Is Hiring!

So, you’re interested in working for Inner City Diesel Ltd! We're a privately owned First Nations company that's proud to be actively growing its workforce and services across Canada. We're currently on the... Read more.

Why Dewatering and Pumping Solutions Are Essential at Mining Sites

At ICD Ltd., we are a solutions-based First Nations company. Moreover, we offer the dewatering equipment needed to meet your fluid management needs. Keep reading to learn more about dewatering in Fort McMurray.... Read more.

Dewatering and Pumping Solutions for Your Construction or Excavation Project

There are various procedures used to govern groundwater during excavations. Choosing the right dewatering services is crucial in virtually every construction undertaking. Each job and its requirements differ and must be adequately evaluated.... Read more.

5 Environmental Benefits of Dewatering Services

Excess water can cause extreme frustration on construction sites. For this reason, dewatering services in Fort McMurray are essential in preparing for construction projects. Dewatering services are the deliberate extraction of ground or... Read more.

5 Environmental Benefits of Dredging Services

Dredging services in Fort McMurray are a necessity. They allow for clearing accumulated sediment from the bottom of lakes, rivers, or streams. Dredges are uniquely designed equipment applications created to siphon and pump... Read more.

Dredging in Alberta: Services and Benefits

Dredging is the process of sediment removal. Over time, residue accumulation accrues at the bottom of lakes, streams, rivers, and other water channels. This process is referred to as sedimentation. Excessive sediment accumulation... Read more.

dewatering services at a construction site
Dewatering Services: Why Every Construction Site Needs Them

If you’re reading this, you’re interested in learning about dewatering services in Alberta.  The dewatering process plays a significant role in construction development. Without this service, unstable foundations would cause hazards such as... Read more.

Dredger on water removing sediments fromt he bottom of a lake
What Are Dredging Services And Why Are They So Important?

Did you know that without dredging, very few ports or harbours would be passable for large vessels? For this reason – in conjunction with many others – dredging services are highly valued around... Read more.