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ICD Group is proud to be partnered with Vip Coating, a company that provides innovative coating-solutions produced with longevity in mind. All products are manufactured to endure the severe and unrelenting environments of industrial work. Whether it’s bitter cold in the dead of winter or unforgiving heat in the summer, Vip Coating provides the long-lasting, durable coating solutions you need to ensure your machinery and property are protected in any environment.

VIP Coating products

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Durable Coating Solutions

FLAMECOAT™ is an expanding Flame Retardant intumescent coating that activates at 200°C. Offering substrate protection for up to 120 minutes. Fully tested to provide fire ratings required by the International Building Codes.

Excellent adhesion and durability.

Easily applied by brush, roller or sprayer for premium finish

Self-priming for most substrates.

Eco-friendly, non-toxic, with low odor.

Applicable to most substrates including wood, Plasterboard and metals.

Irradiant coat™ radiant paint was developed to replace conventional heating units such as Heaters and Hot water piping in the walls or the floors by generating an Infrared Heating system with use of low voltage and our proprietary blend of Carbon, Graphene and Graphite.

Irradiant coat™ has been developed to be powered by 12-48 volts,

Solar battery system, however can be run off grid power.

Irradiant coat™ is water-based, contains no solvents or toxins extremely safe with Low Voc

Underfloor heating, room heating

Prevention of ice and snow formation on concrete and other surfaces

Visy-Glow™ is manufactured using the latest photo-luminescent technology, it effectively is able to absorb light, either natural or artificial to charge the phosphorescent pigments contained in our proprietary binding agent to produce a strong glow effect in any dark environment, this process of recharging the pigments can be done unlimited amount of times. Visy-Glow™ can be easily applied on multiple surfaces, dries fast, and is maintenance-free.

Visy-Glow™ Non-slip has been manufactured with a particle additive to make the surface slightly abrasive Textured non-slip surface for exterior and interior surface applications.

METACOAT™ is a truly Revolutionary and Innovative product developed by VIP Coatings for raw and polished metals, our coating formulation allows the coating to bond directly to metal substrates forming a layer only microns thick that once cured makes the coated surface scratch, chemical and solvent resistant that can only be removed by Heavy abrasives.

METACOAT™ is the alternative to powder/electroplate coatings, Metal surfaces now become vibrant colour with a simple spray application.

Anticorrosion formula

Available in Vibrant Colours (Candy colours)

Easy to apply

Simple preparation required

BFT-01 Industrial Coating™ is an Ultra Tough Industrial Grade Protective Coating for the protection of assets in harsh environments.

UV Stable

Solvent resistant.

Impact resistant.

Excellent protection for underbody and Bed-liners

Easily applied using a spray gun.

Available in a large range of colours.

Temptell® Temperature indicating paint is a revolutionary coating that has been developed to apply to an external housing such as bearing covers to give visual indicators of internal temperature. This enables temperatures to be monitored visually and maintenance work to be carried out prior to bearing failure.

Temptell® is set to activate at 70°c +/- 3°c.

*Temptell® can also be custom ordered to other desired temperature activation*