Global Pump T-Floats

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The Global GPT-Floats are specifically designed to keep the intake of the suction pipe as close to the surface of the product being pumped as possible. This reduces the amount of sediment and solids supplied to the pump reducing wear and tear. The screen intake area is designed to keep the velocity below 3 fps reducing the potential for vortex.

Global GPT-Floats are fabricated from HDPE pipe and available in diameters from 4” to 30” (100 mm to 750 mm). The appropriate fittings and reducers are available for all sizes.

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  • Rugged, reliable and coupling free to eliminate air leaks
  • Reduces pump end wear and tear
  • Land based ease of assembly and installation
  • Low Velocity screen and buoyancy reduces intake of sediment
  • Lessen cavitation and vortex risk
  • Easily custom fabricated to required length