Global Standard Rotary

Global Standard Rotary (GSR) Wellpoint

Wellpoint Pump Series, Global Pumps

Global Pump Standard Rotary Wellpoint pumps are specifically designed for wellpoint and underdrain dewatering applications. Global Pump Rotary Wellpoint pumps are capable of handling both water and air. Ease of application is inherent, as the positive displacement pump automatically develops the discharge pressure required.


  • Global Pump’s proven rotary helical lobe pump with pulsation-free convoluted, 4-lobe rotors
  • Replaceable wearplates for both front and rear covers for extended cover life
  • Silicon Carbide mechanical seals
  • Direct drive through a flexible coupling and engine-mounted reduction gearbox
  • Large suction and discharge header tanks for easy priming, draining and solids settling
  • Recirculation line between header tanks to ensure rotors are always wetted
  • Standard engine control panel provides preset emergency shutdown protection and allows the addition of automatic level control
  • Rotors, cover seal and product seals can be accessed for inspection, service or replacement by simply removing the front cover


  • Fuel tanks for extended run times and/or remote location as required
  • Highway trailer with integral fuel cell/chassis, lights, fenders, tie downs, lifting bail, front and rear jacks
  • Sound attenuated enclosure options
  • Hose racks, accessory containers and other custom fabrication available as required
  • Wide range of suction and discharge fittings available including Global’s own “QD” Quick Disconnect fittings and accessories

Sound Attenuated

Global Pump SoundGuard Enclosure

12-gauge Galvannealed-Steel (or optional stainless steel), double-sided-galvanneal sheet panels insulated with a 1” thick acoustical foam barrier fire retardant composite reduces noise level to no more than 68 db at 30 feet (9 m). Designed for upward exhaust of combustion gases and cooling air. Panels are removable for maintenance and repair. Panel doors, with locks, for access to the pump, engine, priming system and controls for routine servicing, lubrication and fueling.