Inner City Solutions

Inner City Solutions

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Global Pump models are designed with state-of-the-art enclosed impeller that ensures both high efficiencies (fuel savings) and long component life due to lower wear rates.

Alongside our collaboration partner, Enecon, we offer efficient polymer fusions and applications that can save you time and money. You’ll get proven and economical repair and maintenance solutions for your machinery, equipment, and plant structures damaged by erosion, and more. The answers to your questions for equipment restoration are here with our inner city solutions services.

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What Are Our Inner City Solutions?

  • High-Performance Polymer Mixtures
  • Time-Saving And Cost-Effective Applications
  • Plant Structure Protection
  • Industrial Repair
  • Maintenance Solutions
  • Machinery Restoration

About Inner City Solutions

Our collaborative partners – Enecon and VIP Coatings – can supply high-performance polymer fusions and applications that can save you time, money, and aggravation. This alliance provides you with industrial repair and maintenance solutions. We offer commercially proven and cost-effective solutions for machinery repair, equipment restoration, plant structure damage, and more.


What Are Inner City Solutions?

Restoration services for large machinery and equipment, Inner City Solutions are the answer to the natural wear and tear process connected to your hardware. Whether it’s erosion on your plant structures, or upkeep services required for your vehicle-mounted air compressor, we at ICD can help repair and maintain your equipment with our inner city solutions services.

How Does It Work?

With over 100 technicians, mechanics, and specialists on the ICD team – regardless of your issue – your equipment is in good hands. In an effort to ensure an accurate analysis, our group of experts will go through a comprehensive assessment of your equipment and machinery.

We then provide you with commercially sound and affordable repair solutions for your hardware. If your equipment has been damaged or compromised due to impact, chemicals, abrasions, hydrostatic pressure, or natural wear and tear, enlist our inner city solutions today.