Custom Casting And Mill Liners

Custom Casting And Mill Liners

ICS Wear Group

ICD has partnered with ICS Wear Group, an organization dedicated to delivering superior solutions to the difficulties related to managing bulk matter on your conveyor belt systems as well as other networks of machinery.

ICS’ composition blends assist with protecting your chutes and liners; preventing ill-timed deficiencies resulting from abrasion, collision, and wear and tear. This results in magnified mill efficiency without compromising safety.

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Liner Materials

Our partners at ICS Wear Group provide liners in a vast array of materials, dimensions, and diameters that are produced to deplete and dissolve collision-force while bolstering endurance at the crucial impact spots within your chutes. As a collaborative team, we here at ICD work faithfully alongside ICS Wear Group to provide you with the Industrious materials that will drastically enhance operation time, which will improve worker safety.

Collaborative Rubber Liners from ICS – Enhanced Durability

ICD’s partnership with ICS Wear Group provides tailor-made liners produced for optimized wear life, tensile robustness, and rip resistance to suit your unique application. Numerous studies have proven ICS Wear Group’s liners can last up to 200% longer than other industry leading rubber liners under parallel operating situations.

ICS Optimized CR Plate

Furthermore, the alliance with ICS also provides an optimized CR Plate – a blend of potent alumina ceramic with the collision-depleting attributes of ICS Wear Group’s Natural Reinforced Infused rubber (NRI). The plate’s absorptive properties are produced in a way that puts rubber in between the base of the ceramic as well as a steel backing plate, confirming the anti-erosion ceramic is safeguarded from collision damage via the trauma absorptive NRI Rubber.