Big Shax

Big Shax

Company Overview

A proud partner of ICD Group, Big Shax is an Indigenous, Canadian-made insulated modular panel system. Easy to assemble and environmentally-friendly relative to the oil & gas industry methods, Big Shax insulated panels are a welcoming and innovative solution. Giving way to more efficient pipeline work in the bitter Canadian winters due to its protective properties. This insulated solution produces a shelter that safeguards workers, pipeline valves, and pipeline equipment in frigid temperatures.


How It Works

Insulated modular panel system

The Big Shax modular system easily assembles with 4 walls and a sloped roof to allow for moisture and snow runoff. Our assembled system carries an R-20 R value, which is the same as residential home insulation levels, while also being rust and weather proof.

Panels can be joined through an interlocking tongue & groove system to accommodate virtually any length and width. The panels can also be stacked one on top the other through an interlocking pin & sleeve system to accommodate higher panel ceiling heights.