Dredging in Alberta: Services and Benefits


Dredging is the process of sediment removal. Over time, residue accumulation accrues at the bottom of lakes, streams, rivers, and other water channels. This process is referred to as sedimentation. Excessive sediment accumulation can reduce waterway depth, blocking ships from passing through. It [sediment build-up] can also contaminate the surrounding environment, which can threaten nearby wildlife.

Dredging services in Alberta involve special equipment (known as dredges) to produce a vacuum that sucks up and pumps out the debris, clearing waterways, preserving ecosystems, and much more. Keep reading to learn more about dredging services in Alberta.

The Benefits of Dredging

Dredging is a versatile solution that serves numerous purposes and can be used in various industries. Some of its benefits include:

  • Sustaining current waterways: Dredging is vital for waterway upkeep. Dredging restores the water channel to its original condition and depth by withdrawing the build-up of debris. Dredging also withdraws dead or dying plant life, contaminants, and waste in these regions.
  • Producing new water channels: Numerous ports are creating new water channels with dredging to reach new trading centres and enhance the efficiency of deliveries. In addition, dredging ensures freight and cargo-loaded vessels don’t become shipwrecked.
  • Expanding the depth of waterways: As sedimentation occurs, debris build-up increases at the bottom of water channels. Consequently, it constricts waterway depth. Dredging removes the accumulated debris, restoring the water to its original depth and reducing flood risks.
  • Excavation: Withdrawing sediment is crucial in preparing for construction projects such as piers, docks, bridges, etc. Without dredging providing this excavation work, the underwater channels would remain obstructed, preventing the construction process.
  • Rearranging for watercraft: Dredging services work to deepen and widen waterways, which then makes it possible for large cargo vessels and other watercraft to pass through.

Primary ICD Dredging Services

At ICD, we offer many dredging services in Alberta. To help you remove pollutants, enhance trade efficiency, restore ecosystems, and more, we’re here to assist with your dredging needs. View our list below to learn about our services and see which ones apply to you.

Dredge Manufacturing

We offer dredge manufacturing services. ICD produces durable, high-quality dredging equipment for many industries and applications. We strive to ensure first-rate production on every piece of machinery so you can feel confident in our hardware.


Finding the right supplier for any type of equipment (let alone dredging) can be time-consuming and challenging. At ICD Ltd., we offer powerful dredging equipment for sale. Our equipment is a high-quality solution for your dredging needs, applicable to industries such as construction, manufacturing, metal processing operations, steel mills, etc.


If you need dredging equipment, ICD Ltd. can help. We house a supply of dredging rental machinery to help you with your dredging requirements. Our rental dredging equipment can assist you in clearing the channels on your construction projects and more.


Everything experiences wear and tear over time; powerful and robust dredging equipment is no exception. If you require dredging maintenance services for your equipment, we here at ICD Ltd. have the expertise and experience to maintain your machinery so it can function another day.


If you require assistance with coordinating dredging operations, our team of experienced dredge operators will work side by side with you to ensure a successful and well-coordinated dredging operation.


Does your crew or team require training for the proper procedures of dredging equipment? This type of machinery requires a skillful hand and a knowledgeable mind to properly (and safely) operate. For this reason, ICD Ltd. offers dredging training services to educate your crew on the management of dredging equipment.


ICD Ltd. provides dredging consulting services. If your company needs the advice and support of an expert in dredging operations, we can provide this service to your organization.

Royal IHC Partnership

ICD Group has collaborated with Royal IHC on their dedication to performance sustainability, ongoing industry advancements, and more. Royal IHC is a central distributor of maritime equipment, providing elite dredging services for almost any dredging requirement. Moreover, Royal IHC has remained current with up-to-the-minute technological advances for the nearly 4 centuries they’ve been operational.

Try Dredging Services in Alberta Today

Dredging services help vessel mobility or construction projects and bolster the economy, allowing for easy trade and commerce between companies, corporations, and even countries. With so many benefits, dredging is a valuable service that can assist you with your project in various ways.

Contact us today to request a quote if you’re interested in learning more about our dredging services.