Dewatering Services: Why Every Construction Site Needs Them

dewatering services at a construction site

If you’re reading this, you’re interested in learning about dewatering services in Alberta. 

The dewatering process plays a significant role in construction development. Without this service, unstable foundations would cause hazards such as mudslides and machine failure due to bogging. These components make dewatering invaluable. 

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What is Dewatering?

Dewatering involves withdrawing ground or surface water from a specific site. 

Generally, construction cannot begin in a region where large portions of water are centralized. This fact is due to the unstable bedrock that water creates. As a result, methods are designed to clear water from these areas before construction starts. 

This form of water control creates a safe and stable foundation for workers and heavy-duty equipment to do their job. 

Dewatering services in Alberta can come in many forms. Everything from deep well dewatering services to well point system dewatering services are all available to meet your water control needs. 

How Does it Work?

While there are several methods to choose from, the dewatering process always aims to achieve the same result: remove ground/surface water from an area. 

Pumping facilitates dry ground by removing surplus water before excavation begins. This process firms the soil, making construction possible. Once completed, dewatering can prevent upheaval failure and soil erosion. 

These benefits make dewatering services a non-negotiable for virtually every construction project. 

Dewatering Services in Alberta

At ICD Ltd., we offer a wide range of dewatering services in Alberta. In cooperation with our partners Global Pumps and ICS Wear Group, we proudly present our first-rate, high-quality dewatering services: 

Extreme High Head/High-Performance Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal pumps deliver fluids and alter rotational motive power to the hydrodynamic energy. The rotational power usually emanates from a motor or electric engine. 

High Volume Centrifugal Pumps

With heavy-duty engines, our high-volume centrifugal pumps are fast, robust, and efficient. They sport a close-grained cast iron body and can quickly move vast quantities of water. 

Custom Built Design Specific Pumps

If your site requires a unique pump to get the job done, we can help with our custom-built design-specific pumps. We can tailor our pumps to fit the application on the job site. 

Custom Electronic Pumping System Monitoring

Avoiding water pump bursts is critical. Failing to do so can result in sewage and wastewater spilling into the surrounding environment, contaminating the region. At ICD Ltd., we offer custom electronic pumping system monitoring services to evade such events. 

Diesel Drive And Electric Drive Pumps Including 1,000 Hp Units

Used for prime, supplementary, or urgent support hydraulic energy, ICD Ltd. offers electric drive pumps that convert low-pressure liquid to high-pressure liquid in many applications.

Submersible Pumps

A submersible pump forces water to the surface by transmuting rotational energy into dynamic and pressure energy. These pumps rank as some of the most efficient if your goal is to pump fluid from a sizeable waterway. Most pumps are placed out of the water and pull the liquid to the surface. But submersible pumps are positioned underneath the water, pushing it to the surface. 

Light Civil Work

ICD Ltd. offers light civil construction work services for your project. This service best suits small-scale developments, such as warehouses, marketplaces, or even small production hubs. 

All Service Needs, Including Mechanical, Diagnostic, Warranty And Transportation

Whether your construction requirements demand mechanical, diagnostic, warranty, or transportation services, at ICD Ltd., we’ve got you covered. Our services span many aspects of construction management.  


Trenching excavations dig beneath the ground, producing gaping channels that are usually deeper than they are wide. This excavation is used to lay substructures, install sewer systems and pipelines, and cover service lines. 

Power Generation

Ever wonder how construction sites are powered with no electricity? This result is accomplished through transportable power supplies such as generators. At ICD Ltd., we offer power generation services to illuminate your site during the initial phases of construction when no functional outlets are available. 

Light Towers/Heaters

In Alberta, the winter months are dark and cold. That’s why we offer light towers to brighten dimly lit areas and heaters to warm the surrounding workspace. 


Used to ship commodities, large materials, and equipment; barges are constructed from welded steel for transportation purposes. Conversely, catwalks are a structural setup to enhance accessibility on construction sites. Catwalks consist of steel stairs, handrails, and tower support. 

Piping/Hoses/All Pumping Accessories

We can provide piping, hoses, and pumping accessories to your job site. With top-of-the-line equipment for your pumping needs, you can feel confident and comfortable with the quality of all of our pumping accessories. 

System Engineering

Every dewatering process follows a procedure. The system begins with water pumped from streams, wells, etc., to reduce the amount of water on the ground or underneath the surface. This process creates the proper conditions for excavation. ICD Ltd. helps design this system. 

Pump Operation

We offer pump operation services. If you require a specialist to operate a dewatering pump, ICD Ltd. can provide qualified personnel to do the job safely and efficiently. 


Wellpoint dewatering creates safe working conditions by stabilizing the soil. They consist of small-scale diameter wells attached directly to a wellpoint pump by a header pipe. This pump then produces a vacuum within the header pipe, extracting water from beneath the surface. 


Our experienced tradespeople can perform HDPE (high-density polyethylene) fusing. HDPE is a malleable plastic pipe. These mains are typically employed when replacing aged steel or concrete pipelines and are used to transport gas and liquid.  

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Dewatering is a process needed to ensure the safety of a construction site. Therefore, this service should be on your mind before you even consider breaking ground. At ICD Ltd., we are an Aboriginal-owned and operated company. With nearly 15 years in business, we provide heavy-duty and light-duty machinery, pumping and dewatering solutions, dredging and tailings services, and much more. 

We operate in Fort McMurray, Hinton, Smithers, Sparwood, and other locations in both B.C. and Alberta. Contact us today for additional information if you’re interested in learning more or have questions regarding our services.