Dewatering and Pumping Solutions for Your Construction or Excavation Project


There are various procedures used to govern groundwater during excavations. Choosing the right dewatering services is crucial in virtually every construction undertaking. Each job and its requirements differ and must be adequately evaluated. At ICD Ltd., our clients and customers profit from the rigorous testing of our machinery in every conceivable circumstance.

We complete this process with the assistance of global pumps and equipment of our own. As a result, we guarantee the most appropriate and affordable fluid management service for your project.

The Necessity of Choosing the Right Dewatering Methods

Unneeded water on a construction project can result in safety hazards, excessive expenditures, and unnecessary delays. Consequently, when planning to mine the surface or to complete a dry site construction task, it’s essential to utilize the proper approach to manage and empty the water. This process is even more critical as the hydrology will differ on each job site.

Main dewatering techniques

We employ construction dewatering techniques via deepwells, wellpoints, bypasses and flood control.


With deepwells, one or many individual wells are mined. This process is followed by placing a submersible pump in each shaft. The Deepwell method is most applicable for in-depth minings where enormous water volumes must be released.


Wells are mined throughout the excavation location with submersible pumps in each shaft. The pumps are attached to a header pipe, enabling the groundwater to be pulled up via the pumps into the wellpoints where it is then released.

Bypass Dewatering

When maintenance is required on sewer lines, the sewage discharge is pumped throughout the impaired pipe utilizing dewatering pumps. Each pump is situated upstream of the maintained pipe unit.

Flood Control

Flood control is all methods employed to relieve or avert flooding’s damaging impacts. Whether it’s construction, tunnelling or excavation work, project managers must be prepared for possible floods, ensuring pumps that transport high water volumes against low head pressure remain close at hand.

The Importance of Selecting the Right Pump Equipment

Project managers require firm economic grounds for buying new equipment. At ICD Ltd., our dewatering pumps are manufactured to meet the demanding challenges of tunnel projects, construction sites, and more. The pumps must be firm and low weight so that you can quickly transfer a pump from one location to another via truck.

The Proper Machinery for Your Project

Every job site requires the proper equipment to facilitate the successful completion of the project. At ICD Ltd., we are a proud team of First Nations project engineers, machine operators, fleet managers, and equipment specialists. Contact us today for high-quality dewatering and pumping services for your job site.