5 Environmental Benefits of Dewatering Services


Excess water can cause extreme frustration on construction sites. For this reason, dewatering services in Fort McMurray are essential in preparing for construction projects. Dewatering services are the deliberate extraction of ground or surface water from a site via pumping. With construction projects, dewatering is vital for developing drier and sturdy grounds and prepping the site for foundation excavation.

This aim is achieved by temporarily decreasing the surrounding water plateau. But dewatering does more than just prep the area for construction. It also provides numerous environmental advantages as well. Keep reading to learn more.

5 Benefits of Dewatering for Construction Sites

Dewatering offers benefits that assure your projects are within the law, are performed on time, and are safe for your machinery and workers. These advantages include:

1. Sturdy Soil and Work Location

Securing excess water by dewatering can avert dangers such as shaky foundations, mudslides, and machine failure due to bogging. This process also assures your worksite is prepared for excavation, foundation preparation, and cement ground pours. Managing the risks virtually guarantees a sturdy work setting for site administrators and teams.

2. Worker Protection

Dewatering can keep your workers safe. However, standing water frequently becomes polluted; it poses numerous health hazards to crews, workers, managers, and neighbouring communities. Further, it raises the threat of worksite injury due to falls and slips. Dewatering helps mitigate standing water sectors to thwart these unfavourable outcomes.

3. Meeting Deadlines

An effective dewatering system permits you to maintain your construction assignment on schedule. Construction sites can encounter troubles at any stage, such as flooding. Effectual dewatering reduces unnecessary pauses. This process ensures that your project meets the necessary deadlines and remains on schedule.

4. Guard Valuable Materials and Machinery

Construction machinery and building materials are costly. Excess dampness due to standing water can affect your equipment’s quality and ruin materials vital to keeping the project on schedule. Bypass project pauses by utilizing preventive dewatering efforts to maintain your worksite and equipment depository zones.

5. Minimized Effects on Neighbouring Environment

Over time, standing water can result in erosion. But that’s not all; it can also gather residue and pollutants from airborne impurities and become a breeding ground for insects bearing harmful viruses. Proper dewatering processes permit job sites to withdraw tainted water and its toxic contents, preventing hazards and erosion and making the site eco-friendly.

The Importance of Dewatering Services for Your Construction Site

Dewatering is a necessity for your construction project. It protects your workers and crew while safeguarding the environment. At ICD Ltd., we are an equipment and machinery service provider offering dewatering, dredging, fleet management services, and more.

If you need equipment, maintenance, or dewatering services for your project, contact us today to see how we can help.